Dying, Hunted In a Maze

My first playthrough of Spectral Stalkers, I think I got pretty far.

Walking home, an angel falls from the sky like the ol’ morning-star hisself, handing me a sphere containing the whole universe inside it, kind of like that one Futurama episode. He tells me to find a wizard named Globus who can help me figure out what to do next. I then run and hide, because the angel also tells me that the Spectral Stalkers will come hunting for this thing. Uh oh!

I stare into the orb (called the Aleph), and am taken away to a library in Limbo. How fortunate, surely I can find information in a dimensionally transcendent library! I ask a friendly library clerk (who happens to be Draconian American, as they prefer to be called nowadays) if they have any books about Alephs and wizards. She’s a bit snotty but does direct me to Who’s Who Among Wizards where I read about Globus, and he does seem like a learned fellow.

I then get pranked by the artifacts specialist and decide to leave.

The orb takes me back to Khul, where there’s nothing within miles but a ne’er-do-well ruffian and an inn. Sketchy AF, but I know that fighting irritates the Stalkers so I decide to take my chances. I steer clear of his provided food and wine, though, and head straight to my room. In the middle of the night, some goblins try to sneak in to burglarize me. I stomp on the trapdoor, they fall back down into the cellar, I move my bed over it and go back to sleep. Next morning, I steal the innkeeper’s sign because it’s circular.

Stare into the Aleph again, find myself in a village in a desert, where their entire economy is based on selling glowsticks. Find out that their sculptor has been hiding in a cave for a month, trapped by a golem that he brought to life. I rescue him and get beaten up a little, and in return he gives me another sphere!

Onward and onward through more weird worlds, and eventually I end up at that maze on the inside cover of the book. The directions inside the book though, seem to have nothing at all to do with the illustration, and I immediately get lost. I get bitten by spiders and swarmed by bats, and starve a few pages at a time, wandering in circles… until I reach 0 Stamina.

What a drag.

This one so far, isn’t appealing too strongly. Not because of the ignominious death by starvation, but that the vignette-based storyline of mini-adventures only 5 pages apiece, feels a lot like channel-flipping on TV, like a series of sketch acts, and not much of a story.

But we’ll see. I have a feeling that I’ve not seen much of the book yet.


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