In Search of the Lorestone

Finally, I’ve finished the first five Lone Wolf books and am ready to start #6 — The Kingdoms of Terror. It’s been three years since our ambassadorial mission to Vassagonia, in which Lone Wolf found the fabled Book of the Magnakai which has the really good super powers of the Kai. Now LW is distracted by an entry in the Book which says that the magical Lorestone holds the really super secret awesomeness of the Kai, and I have to find it if I’m to be a legit Magnakai and to start up the order of the Kai again.

So hold on for a sec. I was attending Kai Kollege about 4 years ago, when the monastery was destroyed. Turns out that my teachers didn’t have the magic stone, nor did they have the awesome Book — so they were kind of faking it all along? They didn’t have a real grandmaster, and didn’t really know the good stuff? That does kind of explain why our elite force of psychic ninja ranger border patrol guards was wiped out in one afternoon by a surprise attack. Food for thought.

So, let’s start KoT. I have the following:

  • The Sommerswerd, silver helmet, and shield. I have wesaponskill in swords, and also mindblast.  Thus my 17 CS  is effectively 32.
  • I also picked Curing as my third skill. Like the original Healing skill, it’s 1 point per page which is really a lot.
  • A whole bunch of miscellaneous Special Items, such as Banedon’s star pendant, a keycard from the Caverns of Kalte, a Jeweled Mace from Vassagonia, and so on. It does seem daft to cart around an antique shop’s worth of random loot, but you know how these books are.
  • A backpack full of laumspur potions and food.
  • A bow and 6 arrows. Seriously? Who would go on a long road trip expecting extensive combat, and bring six arrows?

KoT opens with our hero arriving at the city of Quarlen, and paying way too much for gate fees, dinner, and a room. As I’m eating dinner, I take offense when a local lord (Roark is his name) starts harassing a peasant and wants to kill him for sport. So annoyed am I by this, that I whip out my sword and beat him down handily. He swears revenge, and I am introduced to a street magician who says that he knows a guy who knows about the Lorestone.

Sounds like BS to me. It’s been missing since times immemorial, but this guy knows where it is? Whatever. At least the peasant can be a tour guide and besides, the book doesn’t give me an option not to take him on so yeah, we take off in the morning.

It’s not a very eventful ride, until we come to some ruins where there’s a spring of healing water. Again, really goofy demographic here in Magnamund. If there were a spring of healing water, you’d think some corporation would park a bottling plant on top of it and make a fortune. But no, it’s abandoned except for some lizard monster. I make a mental note for the location of a future bottling plant…

I come back and find that my wizard friend has been kidnapped, then track him down and rescue him, and find that the perpetrator was Roark again. I guess he was really serious about that revenge thing and about killing this peasant! Roark summons a legion of the undead, and with my +8 Sommerswerd that does 2X damage against undead, it’s barely even a fight. Roark’s cronies are torn apart by the surviving undead, Roark flees screaming into the night, … and my wizard friend is able to give me directions before he dies. And only… three hundred years… from… cough… retirement. Ugh.

And now a moment of silence for Whassisface, the peasant guy who was with me long enough to promote the storyline.




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