Journey of the Kai Marathon, Day Seventeen

Journey of the Kai: a power-playthrough of the first five Lone Wolf books, in preparation for book 6. We’re playing book 5, Shadow on the Sand.

Our peace envoy to Vassagonia was a trap, a ploy to take Lone Wolf prisoner and sell me/him to the Darklords. But the up-side is that I hear that the really good secrets of the Kai superpowers, are in a book here in Vassagonia. I made a daring and bloody escape on the back of a bird, and was rescued by Banedon the wizard from way back in book 1. He knows a guy who knows where the book is hidden, so let’s go find him.

We get into Ikaresh without much incident besides meeting a friendly goat herder for lunch. We head into the market and schmooze with the merchants and buy an ugly jacket in exchange for directions right to Tipasa’s front door! But he’s not there — his deeply distraught wife tells us that he was taken away in the night by Drakkarim. How awful! Not only i that a horrible human tragedy, but it also means that the Darklords are ahead of us. The good news though, is that they didn’t take Tipasa’s book where he wrote down his maps and instructions, so we have a way to catch up to them,

We journey overnight to the site of the tomb. And yeah, the Darklords are already there, as is a legion of giak slaves digging out the whole valley trying to find the book.

Fortunately, they are all overworked and exhausted so it just gives me a pass. There’s only one guard, and he falls for that Jedi trick of rattling something off to the side so he leaves his post to investigate. The door is locked with a blue triangle keycard, the same one I used back in Caverns of Kalte! What the heck? I guess they used the same contractor for both key-entry systems?

And… page 289, there he is: Darklord Haaken.

Enter turn-based combat mode.

He opens with “welcome to your doom, we’re not so different, you and I, would you like a tour of my evil plan before you die?” sort of deal, and a blue fireball to my head. The Sommerswerd soaks the fireball, but is knocked out of my hand!

I dive for it, doing unnecessary somersaults and making that whaaaaooooaa! sound that no ninja ever would. He hits me with a concussive blast and a psychic attack, but my Mindshield skill protects me from most of that.

Back to my feet, en garde! And what the fffuuuu,,,,, Haaken spits out a tentacle-smoke-monster thing that crawls down his arm, and comes at me. Holy hell! It turns out to be a tough battle, and I get knocked from 26 endurance to 17… my hardest combat in the series so far!

And for the coup de grace, I raise the Sommerswerd to do that lightning blast thing it did before, nuking the Darklord in one shot… and… uhm… aw crud, it doesn’t work underground? So we have to¬† fight this one out, He has a 28 CS to my 33, so it’s only a +5 balance… In a phenomenal stroke of luck (I swear I did not cheat) I take him down in 4 combat round, and only take 2 points of damage myself.

Turn to 400.

The Darklords are defeated and humiliated again. I have the Book of the Magnakai, so I’m gonna learn the real Kai superpowers that the other teachers didn’t know. Maybe I can even open a new monastery, start up the order of the Kai again…


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