Journey of the Kai Marathon, Day Sixteen

Another day in the power-playthrough of the first 5 Lone Wolf books. It’s… Journey of the Kai. This is book 5: Shadow on the Sand.

The king is in cahoots with the Darklords. The Darklords and I are racing towards a tomb where I can learn about the really good Kai superpowers. And now my only hope to escape is to steal one of the giant birds that these soldiers use for aerial mounts.

Using some superpowers to distract the guard, I run for the platform and leap heroically onto the bird. I don’t have animal kinship but I did roll a lucky 9, and the bird didn’t choose to rip me to shreds. More guards storm in, just as I make a majestic escape into the sky. It’s kind of like when the Millennium Falcon takes off from Mos Eisley. Awesome.

But no surprisingly, it only takes them a few minutes to get into the sky as well. One of the soldiers lands a crossbow hit on my bird; I kill him in one lucky shot, but my steed is starting to bleed out and pretty soon we’re going to make a very forced landing.

But wait, we’re going all steampunk here! It’s that wizard Banedon from book 1, in a flying ship! As my bird finally gives up and dies, they throw out some webbing and drag me up onto their ship. The Drakkar soldiers who were pursuing me, leap onto the ship as well, and battle ensues. An O.P. magic sword and some lucky rolls, and a little help from Dwarven handguns and Kai healing, and the battle is won. We engage in some hard partying and gossip, and off to sleep I go. Tomorrow we should arrive at Ikaresh, where a wandering dude named Tipasa says he has visited that lost tomb before, so he may know where it is…

It’s a picturesque journey, too. The size of the Grand Canyon, but with jagged rocks and sulphur springs, and high into the sky instead of deep beneath ground level. Sounds gorgeous.

We land outside the town of Ikaresh, and Banedon joins me for the trip into town. By a stroke of luck, we come across a friendly goat herder who gives us lunch and does know where Tipasa hangs out. The hike is long and hot and annoying, but we get to the town, and there’s a sign pointing right to where that fella said. Could it be this easy?

Not likely…


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