Masks of Mayhem, Boss Fight

Resting up after my fight with an ice dragon, I see that the back of the cave is the door into Morgana’s lair. Or rather, the three doors. Klaatu barada nickel, necktie, nectar — nobody said anything about three doors!

I pick one at random, and it leads into a tunnel. Two random T -junctions later, and I find the 11 golems. I’m invited to call up that undead spirit army from the lake way back at the start, and they immediately dispatch all 11 golems. Well sheesh, that was easy! Maybe my court wizard should have thought of that back when Morgana only had 4 golems!

Morgana steps in, and makes some quip about how the golems are replaceable but now everything is going to plan, mwuhaha! She has a Skill of 11 and only takes 1 point of damage on a hit, but has only 6 Stamina. As such, she’s not that tough, but would have been if not for some very fortunate rolls on this character.

But now it occurs to me… It was a trap! Someone set me up and it wasn’t her! But who was the traitor? Uhm, what? There has been no indication in the story that anyone except Morgana was in on this, including previous playthroughs where we find out that I am the 12th mask. But now I have to guess their identity…

I guess it’s the guy who sent me on this mission in the first place, and have to decipher his name into a number. It takes a few tries, but there he is… He’s no match in a fight, and bam, there it is.

Turn to 400 and I’m actually disappointed. “Victory! The masks won’t be a problem anymore.” Wow. Not even a description of the world’s adoration, of the mountain collapsing around me, of the masks’ power doing something awesome.

As the devil said in Doctor Parnassus “Damn. I won.”


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