Masks of Mayhem, Finished

Taking off from Hever’s castle with a backpack full of Lunchables but no evil-banishing horn, I decide to wander northeast. I get a little torn up by a bobcat and take its pelt, then encounter the worst challenge of the whole book: a giant prairie fire!

I dodge this way and that, and pull off a Skill check (13 with this sword, which apparently makes me better at firefighting and not just combat!), and pull off the random roll. Whew! Only slightly cooked.

I get back to the river-canyon, which is now littered with barbecued wildlife and is therefore full of scavengers. A giant blood hawk, though, prefers its prey still living. With my 13 Skill, though, it’s a short fight.

I finally pick my way across the river and tangle with an alligator. I pick him off easily, but I don’t make the random roll to notice the underwater throne where a long-dead king holds the royal Orb. Darn.

I now have a choice to pick my way north into the swamp, where I know The Juja lives, or northeast to stay on mission. I head northeast and also bypass the mysterious ritual trees, which are clearly a gateway to a fae world. (duh! a shimmering zone between two trees, what else would it be?)

Northward into the snow, I try to be friendly with some barbarians who I suspect hate Morgana. They fear her more than they hate her though, and end up having a fight over me. In the confusion, I decide that cowardice is the better part of discretion, and skedaddle.

I plod along and fight a yeti thing, then fight the toughest creature yet: a dragon! Without the natural 12 Skill and the +1 sword, this would have been very tough indeed. But a few expert slices later, and I’m barbecuing a dragon steak in the dragon’s own cave, cuz I’m such the hearty adventurer.

The back of the dragon’s cave, by the way… is the entrance to Morgana’s secret lair.

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