Masks of Mayhem, the mayhem continues

After my very brief stint as an adventurer, cut short at the hands (tentacles?) of a lake kraken, I played through a few more times, and met some exotic and interesting deaths.

  • Sucked into a magic mirror
  • Wandered into the mist never to be seen again
  • Killed by a wight while trying to get a +1 sword
  • Fell into the lake
  • Fell down a mine shaft
  • Fell into a chasm while exploring the pitch-dark mine
  • Killed by a nandibear (what the heck is a nandibear?) in the mine
  • Sucked into a magic mirror again

And at one point I pulled a real Inspector Clouseau. I saw some campers and decided to let discretioon be the better part of valor, by bypassing them. Wrong! I twisted my ankle, tripped on a rock, slid down the side of the hill, and landed in the campsite.

This is really not going well!


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