The Wonderful Wizard of Varetta

Lone Wolf 6, The Kingdoms of Terror. In search of a magical Lorestone to legitimize LW’s dream of building new Kai Kollege ™, our hero is riding to Varetta in the company of a street magician who knows a guy who knows about the Lorestone. But in typical fashion, this sidekick lasts fewer than a dozen pages before he is killed. In this case, he was killed by the same local lord who was originally going to kill him just for fun. But, the wizard did manage to cough out an address first: Brass Street in Varetta.

The ride to Varetta is a full day, and I stop in the night at some crummy inn where mice eat all of the food from my backpack. This is where I wonder at the game’s inability for me to buy food at nearly any populated place. Surely the inn could make those hot wings to-go?

Once I’m Varetta, I am shocked that this book affords me an unprecedented opportunity: to stop and ask for directions. It’s just good luck, but my first stop is a place that sells maps. Brass Street is on the far side of town, so I hole up at another inn and in the morning, I find the wizard Gwynian in the predictable place: the observatory.

He’s not very helpful, though. He explains that some folks fear the Lorestone and would rather kill anyone seeking it, than risk it being discovered and abused. To illustrate this point, a mob begins beating down the door. Gwynian shuttles me away in a secret passage with a horse and food and some spare weapons, which is kind of nice but he forgets to tell me where the Lorestone is beyond “it’s in a cathedral”, Nice. Thanks a lot.

I take off in the night on my horse, and have two cities to choose from. Neither is more likely than the other because the wizard forgot to tell me anything, so I randomly pick the town of Amory to the south.

Bad choice.

Really bad choice.

That lord I’ve been antagonizing since 3 pages in, Lord Roark… is Lord Roark of Amory.

I’m immediately arrested and summarily executed as a no-good blackguard. My adventure ends here.


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