What is a spectral stalker?

I grabbed my next gamebook at random; Spectral Stalkers, number 45. The cover artwork is the same weird jagged-edge style from Phantoms of Fear, featuring grotesque bug-skeletons and insect-cattle monsters. The premise is that I will be chased from world to world by Spectral Stalkers, like some sort of Hounds of Tindalos scenario? So before even reading the prologue, I’m getting a H. P. Lovecraft vibe.

Sure enough, three pages in I get my first glimpse of a Spectral Stalker. The monstrous shape has solidified and a second one is beginning to condense out of the air beside it. … more hideous than the worst creations of your most sinister dreams … four long spindly legs like those of a spider, a multitude of claw-tipped arms, a mass of writhing tentacles surmounted by two faceted bulbous eyes like those of an insect.

This could only be the H. P. Lovecraft of the FF world… Peter Darvill-Evans!

Now I’m excited.


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