Fabled Lands

Fabled Lands was a six-book epic. It’s not a series as much as an interconnected set of books forming geographic areas of the Fabled Lands. As you move off the edge of the map, you move into another book and start at some specific page number depending on where and how you entered that region.

Fabled Lands does not form a specific story line like most books, but presents a fairly open world in which you may find quests and follow any number of story lines.


1 The War-Torn Kingdom
2 Cities of Gold and Glory
3 Over the Blood-Dark Sea
4 The Plains of Howling Darkness
5 The Court of Hidden Faces
6 Lords of the Rising Sun


Fabled Lands was written by Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson. Thomson wrote Talisman of Death and Sword of the Samurai, as well as the Way of the Tiger series. Thomson and Morris together both wrote Keep of the Lich Lord. The Fabled Lands books were originally published in 1996 but are still being printed today.