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The Shadow Over Arkham

YOU become caught up in a murder when you find a professor’s notebook carelessly left at a diner. When you bring it to the Miskatonic University to return it, you find the professor dead and are usually accused of the murder. A prophecy-poem and a trail of other professors missing, drives you to keep investigating. What killed the professor? What’s at the creepy house on French Hill? What sort of new god will arise at the death of the moon? What was that faceless winged shape on the roof top?

Chances are good that you won’t find out, because this book is really hard. But brace yourself for terror and dive into the mystery.


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Written by Jonathan Green



Tags to Other Adventures

2024 Cthulhu Mythos Horror Jonathan Green United States

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First published July 8, 2024. Last updated July 8, 2024.