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Trial of Champions

YOU become a gladiatorial slave of Lord Carnuss, brother of Baron Sukumvit. Last year some wise guy survived the infamous Deathtrap Dungeon, and Carnuss wants to upstage his brother by having one of his slaves do it again.

That’s where you come in. Lord Carnuss has bought 42 slaves, and you’re one of them.

His plan is ingenious. He intends to kill off his slaves one by one until only one survives, then send them on to the newly redesigned and even more lethal Deathtrap Dungeon. And by ingenious, I mean foolish to the point of crazy. Why kill off 41 of his 42 would-be gladiators, when he could send a few with diverse skills? But hey, I just work here!


Review and Opinion

Offhand, the proposition of an even deadlier deathtrappier dungeon is absurd. The original was impossible without 12/24/12 and even then highly improbable. And it doesn’t open with a whole chapter of insta-deaths on Blood Island.


Hints and Tips










Written by Ian Livingstone

Illustrated by Brian Williams


Book 21 in the series


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First published July 18, 2023. Last updated July 18, 2023.