The Wizard From Tarnath Tor


What is up with this freaked-out purple guy? I finished the book and still don’t know.

YOU BECOME a really ticked-off assault victim when you’re robbed, tied to a tree, and left to die. Days later, a wizard is passing through and needs a favor from you because you seem like you can handle yourself in a fight. (huh? really?)

Just go to the lost legendary city of Tarnath-Tor (can’t miss it, it’s just past the automat) and find the wizard’s stuff in his old barracks. kthxbai!

Review and Opinion

I enjoyed this one a lot. There was outdoor travel, ruins to explore, magical weirdness, and a whole lot of side buffs that are optional if you’re very fortunate.

Best of all, the combat was well-balanced and I actually won on Adventurer mode without ever resorting to Casual mode! If you’ve seen my other GA reads, you know that this counts for a lot.

And it was gruesome. Some of the more gruesome deaths I had while I was sifting the gruesome ruins of Tarnath Tor, included:

  • Beaten to death by living statues.
  • Crushed to death by roots.
  • Crushed to death by tentacles.
  • Sliced up by a flying sword.
  • Swallowed by the darkness inside a mirror.
  • Turned into a statue by Aslan’s glitter-breathing brother.
  • Disemboweled by cultists as my life was being drained away.
  • Poisoned by a lich and resurrected as a zombie.

Fun times!


There was mention of two treasure items: a bag of gems, and a tribal necklace. I never did find these even after an exhaustive search through the book in Casual mode. This error may be in the book, or may be me.





Al Sander


Book 6 in the series

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