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Another crawl Beneath Nightmare Castle

I’m just on a kick this month, of replaying old FFs that I’ve played before. This time I randomly picked from the shelf Beneath Nightmare Castle. I recall that I liked this one a lot, because of its horror elements… by which I mean tentacles and that really hideous big boss Xakhaz or some such.

So, let’s put on a dark adventure music soundtrack, and let’s see how this plays out.

My stats: 9 / 19 / 7  and a willpower of 10  Well, that’s not great.


The story opens with me wandering into a trap and being captured and knocked unconscious. This is so not-at-all-heroic. I wake up tied and blindfolded,as a scared man cuts my ropes and lets me free. I search about the room for a weapon or tool, and it was a bad call. Some robed figures come in and overpower me and knock me out again. I wake up on a stone slab, as semi-human figures walk in and sacrifice me to some horrible god. My adventure ends here.

Damn, I lasted one page. Shortest offensive of all time. That SUCKS and I’m totally gonna cheat…


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First published March 22, 2020. Last updated December 15, 2020.