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Recent Adventures

Trial of Champions shortest play ever?

August 27, 2023

After a month on other projects, I’m glad to crack open a game book again. Let’s go back to Trial of Champions! I rolled the dice for a new character and… Skill 8 / Stamina 21 / Luck 10 With a skill of 8, I doubt that I’ll even survive the gladiatorial phase. … And… […]

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Trying to be a champion

July 20, 2023

Well, I’ve spent most of the last day trying to play Trial of Champions and it’s just brutal. After dying on Blood Island a half-dozen times, sometimes in combat and sometimes a “roll dice and die” situation, I gave up and just set my stats to 11/24/11. I didn’t want to go full 12/24/12 because […]

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Meat Grinder of Champions

July 19, 2023

After my very short play of Trial of Champions where I died in the arena in a cut scene, let’s try it again. Let’s keep my old character: Skill 11 / Stamina 17 / Luck 10  They seemed like good stats, and I literally hadn’t made a single mark on the paper before dying so […]

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Tried, and not a champion

July 18, 2023

I’ve played Deathtrap Dungeon, and the third book in a loosely-associated trilogy, Armies of Death. But last week I realized that I hadn’t played FF21 – Trial of Champions, the second installment. I really have no idea what it’s about, except that it involves the famous dungeon, so let’s find out. Skill 11 / Stamina […]

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Robot Commando, Speed run… to prison

June 14, 2023

I’ve been occupied on other stuff, most notably being sick with allergies for a few weeks. Ugh! Those poisonous spores in the Deathtrap Dungeon are surely worse than this pollen, but when I can barely breathe it sure feels bad. Oh, and I took up playing Cyberpunk 2077 again for a few evenings. But, now […]

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Robot Commando – onward to not-quite-victory!

May 18, 2023

We continue playing Robot Commando! The story so far: – I’m in flying a stolen Go-Bot that can transform between robot and airplane. – I have a miracle drug that can save all of Thalos if I figure out how to distribute it. – I’m on my third robot, having had phenomenally good luck so […]

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Robot Commando – Roll out!

May 17, 2023

We continue playing Robot Commando where so many fanboy dreams are brought together. In the previous part, two major plot points: – I created a potion that can cure the sleeping sickness, if I can find a way to distribute it. – I stole a Veritech VF-1 mech that can transform into an airplane! So […]

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Robot Commando, let’s rock!

May 16, 2023

I’m so excited! It’s time to play Robot Commando. First off, some fortunate rolls! Skill = 10 Stamina = 23 Luck = 10 Suddenly the whole nation has fallen asleep, and I imagine that radio chatter like from the beginning of The Omega Man. People collapsing all over the country, at their homes, at their […]

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Robots and dinosaurs! It’s Robot Commando!

May 15, 2023

Fangs of Fury was quite something, and after working that books for literally weeks I took a brief break and played some video games instead. I went to my shelf and closed my eyes, and my next book is… Robot Commando! I’ve been excited about this one for some time, but I’ve been savoring the […]

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Nine maps and still counting

April 4, 2023

My goodness, Fangs of Fury is quite an adventure. I have finally probed and played out everything up until the Choose Your Level judgment on page 39, and it came up to nine pages of maps. Most FFs or other game books are 3-4 pages, some as many as 5. But this is just wild […]

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A new look for the website

April 1, 2023

I gave the FFF website a facelift yesterday, with a new WP theme. I had been running the old one since 2014 on a stock theme I found, and while it worked it wasn’t great. At one point they updated the theme and made the heading and banner a full laptop-sized screen by itself. The […]

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Still chewing away at Fangs of Fury

March 15, 2023

I’ve been working on Fangs of Fury as time allows, an hour here and there. I am impressed by how much is in this book, and by the complexity of the layout. My mapping is up to 11 pages so far, and I don’t think I’m even close to having found everything. If you the […]

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Chewed up by the Fangs of Fury (Part 2)

March 7, 2023

Continuing yesterday’s thrilling cliff hanger in… Fangs of Fury! My skills are: Skill 7 / Stamina 17 / Luck 7 which should make this a pretty short adventure. And it was. I was immediately captured by the enemy, thrown into jail, then accidentally conscripted into their army. But I blew my cover when I attacked […]

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Chewed up by the Fangs of Fury (Part 1)

March 6, 2023

I haven’t posted in some six weeks, and for the most part I’ve been distracted by a vacation trip and by playing the Mass Effect trilogy again. But, I have also stayed on topic here playing Fangs of Fury. So here comes my second attempt. The back story: Our city is under siege by Bad […]

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An Archaeology Adventure in Montana

January 27, 2023

I finished playing and mapping Expedition to the Frozen Lake, another Select Your Own Timeline adventure by Chuck Tingle. We had played this one several times previously as a fun read-aloud, and we thought we had seen everything. Turns out, the folks I was letting make the choices kept choosing the same thing because it […]

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Stealer of Souls vanquished

January 22, 2023

Finally, on what felt like my 50th try, I have defeated Modraneth, the Stealer of Souls. I won through fair and square with a Skill of 10 and a Luck of 10, demonstrating that this one really did take a) a little luck not to get killed right on page 1, and b) mapping and […]

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Stealer of Souls, screw this I’m cheating (part 3)

January 8, 2023

Welp, that power-run ended and Mordraneth, the Stealer of Souls, has claimed another soul to madness and terror. I wandered halls for some time, trying doors at random and steam-rolling over some orcs and goblins and a wizard at some point. Eventually I caught news of a captured wizard being tortured for information, which sounds […]

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Stealer of Souls, screw this I’m cheating (part 2)

December 29, 2022

Continuing Stealer of Souls from yesterday, this time with 12/24/12 because I rolled 7s and 8s five times in a row, and am killed by that damn bird every time. Having finally survived as far as the beach, I hiked for two days and I am at a crossroads. I leave the path, and start […]

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Stealer of Souls, screw this I’m cheating (part 1)

December 28, 2022

Since my last post, I have played Stealer of Souls two more times but rolled shitty stats: 8 / 14 / 11 and 8 / 18 / 8 Both times, that damn bird on page 1 killed me. Clearly something’s wrong with my dice that they can’t roll higher than a 2 if it’s for […]

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Stealer of Souls, attempt 3

December 25, 2022

Okay, deep breath. Roll the dice and let’s play Stealer of Souls again. And… For goodness’ sake. Skill 8 / Stamina 20 / Luck 8 The page 1 bird knocks me down to 10 stamina out of my initial 20. Brutal. Fortunately the ship’s galley then heals me back up, so I can finally start […]

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Stealer of Souls, attempt 2

Okay, so after that extremely brief failure, let’s try again with… Stealer of Souls! Roll up a brand new character: Skill 7 / Stamina 19 / Luck 7   Ah hell. Why did Vanestin hire me? Why did I take the job? Backstory. Boat. Bird attack… …and dead. I hit it a few times, but […]

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