ACE Gamebooks

The ACE Gamebooks are alternative, often dark, imaginings of classic literature. Alice’s Wonderland is a deep psychological disturbance. The Wizard of Oz is a mad scientist. Santa Claus’s evil brother is trying to take over Christmas. Neat stuff, and a lot of fun.

The difficulty on them tends to be very low, skewed heavily in favor of the player. As a result, they can seem too easy but they are also a good introduction for people new to game books who become easily discouraged. And the writing is so good!

ACE Gamebooks series are written by Jonathan Green, author of some Fighting Fantasy books, some Gamebook Adventures books, and a re-whole lot of other fan fiction in a variety of genres and milieu.


Alice’s Nightmare in Wonderland
The Wicked Wizard of Oz
Neverland: Here be Monsters
Beowulf Beastslayer
‘Twas: The Krampus Night Before Christmas
Dracula: Curse of the Vampire
Ronin 47



More Adventures

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