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Other Gamebooks

There are more gamebooks beyond the big-name series! They’re even being written nowadays, in a variety of genres. How cool is that?


Freeway Warrior by Joe Dever

Freeway Warrior is set in the futuristic year 2020, eight years after nuclear terrorism wrecked the world. You become a scout for a caravan on the way from Dallas to California where hopefully life will be better. Freeway Warrior ran for four books, 1988 and 1989. It was written by Joe Dever, the same mastermind behind the Lone Wolf series.


Zombie Apocalypse by Max Brallier

The childrens’ book author did two pick-a-path books back in 2011 and 2016, one about surviving the first days of a zombie outbreak n New York City, and the other set five years later as one bad dude tries to survive a cross-country road trip. They’re both quite good, with many endings, happy and gruesome.


Marvel and Superheroes

There aren’t many, but they’re precious – pick-a-path adventures in the Marvel universe, hosted by your favorite fourth-wall-breaking heroes.


Select Your Own Timeline by Chuck Tingle

The world’s greatest author, and two-time Hugo award finalist, writes some pick-a-path adventures too. Unlike his world-famous erotica, his SYOT books have no pounding even though they take place in the Tingleverse. Sapient vehicles, foods, and living concepts share a world with bigfoots and unicorns and even humans – fighting the Cosmic Void together and proving that love is real.


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First published April 15, 2019. Last updated March 15, 2024.