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Moon Knight, Age of Anubis

March 15, 2024

YOU become an Egyptologist assisting the super-hero Moon Night. Working at a museum, of course you always fantasized that a mummy would wake up and start raising trouble. Don’t we all? But then one night it happens, and it’s a lot less cool than it sounded. Fortunately, Moon Knight appears to save the day and […]

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Appointment with F.E.A.R.

January 10, 2024

YOU become the superhero. For real, this time you’re actually a superhero! Not a treasure hunter or assassin (or “adventurer” if you like to be euphemistic) but Titan City’s super powered protector. Your nemesis The Titanium Cyborg, local leader of the terrorist organization F.E.A.R., has organized a meeting that will finalize their plans and being […]

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You Are Not Deadpool

August 15, 2022

YOU become the sidekick …when a heavily-armed weirdo dude in a red suit accosts you in Central Park. Deadpool has been given a job to find alien weapons that are being smuggled and potentially sold to gangs, and he wants YOU to help — not really for the butt-kicking or the super-heroing, but to add […]

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She-Hulk goes to Murderworld

YOU become the paralegal assistant to Jen Walters, a lawyer also known as She-Hulk. She’s in the San Francisco Bay Area for a case, and wants you to help make her decisions. It’s a bit weird, right, that she would need your advice on anything legal as well as your advice on superheroing. But just […]

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You Are Deadpool

September 24, 2019

YOU become that sassy super anti-hero Captain Deadpool. Become Deadpool and help him steal an experimental time travel helmet. What could possibly go wrong, giving DP a time machine? Hey, put your hand down, it was a rhetorical question! Don’t make me come over there!   Review and Opinion Hilarious. I love Deadpool’s goofy and […]

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Other Gamebooks

April 15, 2019

There are more gamebooks beyond the big-name series! They’re even being written nowadays, in a variety of genres. How cool is that?   Freeway Warrior by Joe Dever Freeway Warrior is set in the futuristic year 2020, eight years after nuclear terrorism wrecked the world. You become a scout for a caravan on the way […]

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