Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf series ran for 28 books, 1984 to 1998. They were created by Joe Dever who remains active in the Lone Wolf and Fighting Fantasy community today.

In 2016 the 29th book came out, with plans to publish books 29-32 which have been planned but unpublished since the original series 30 years earlier.

1 Flight from the Dark
2 Fire on the Water
3 The Caverns of Kalte
4 The Chasm of Doom
5 Shadow on the Sand
6 The Kingdoms of Terror
7 Castle Death
8 The Jungle of Horrors
9 The Cauldron of Fear
10 The Dungeons of Torgar
11 The Prisoners of Time
12 The Masters of Darkness
13 The Plague Lords of Ruel
14 The Captives of Kaag
15 The Darke Crusade
16 The Legacy of Vashna
17 The Deathlord of Ixia
18 Dawn of the Dragons
19 Wolf’s Bane
20 The Curse of Naar
21 Voyage of the Moonstone
22 The Buccaneers of Shadaki
23 Mydnight’s Hero
24 Rune War
25 Trail of the Wolf
26 The Fall of Blood Mountain
27 Vampirium
28 The Hunger of Sejanoz
29 The Storms of Chai


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