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Moon Knight, Age of Anubis

YOU become an Egyptologist assisting the hero Moon Night.

Working at a museum, of course you always fantasized that a mummy would wake up and start raising trouble. Don’t we all? But then one night it happens, and it’s a lot less cool than it sounded. Fortunately, Moon Knight appears to save the day and it’s a good thing: N’Kantu was not just any old pharaoh, but was a pretty evil wizard back before he rose from four millennia of death, and it seems he has something really nasty in mind for New York City.

And for some reason, Khonshu tells Moon Knight to take you with him to help in the fight. Nobody is sure why, even in universe, and it’s unlikely that you’ll live long enough to find out. Enjoy!

Review and Opinion

The combat system is similar to the other Marvel Multiverse Missions, which is both good and bad. It’s not complicated: a simple roll such as “roll two dice, add your strength, is it 14 or more?” But I have two problems with it. A) In most of the fights here, there are multiple rounds for no reason at all – only the last round is counted, and the earlier ones had no affect on that one. So why did we roll them? B) In many fights, if you win you gain Might and if you lose them you lose Might – creating a spiral of success or failure. If I couldn’t hit 15 on 2d6+Might (which starts at 3, so only a 1 in 36 chance), then what chance do I have for next time with an even lower Might?

In this book in particular, most of the fights are on the edge of possibility, requiring that you haven’t lost a fight yet (so your Might is still 3 or 4) then to roll 12 on 2d6 to get the goal of 15. We played this book over two dozen times and could never get past Times Square with a Might higher than 0, simply because of the out-of-balance fights and losing penalties. Eventually we gave up, and decided that on page 10 our Might is magically reset to 3, just so we can move forward instead of throwing this book in the trash.

A similar spiral exists for many of the attribute tests: if your Unlocked is 2 then gain an Unlocked, and also you’re compelled to start a fight. So next time they ask…. yeah, my Unlocked is kind of high… so I’m gonna add 1 again and get pulled into another fight…

I’m a big fan of Jonathan Green’s writing generally. I have all of his ACE game books and I just received The Shadow Over Arkham in the post yesterday. But this, this is not his finest.


Hints and Tips

Unlike the first two Marvel Multiverse books, there are only a few keywords that seem single-use or throw-away such as indicating that you found the keycard. Several of the keywords follow a general theme, and affect your gameplay in subtle ways such as forcing you to pick a fight or affecting your chances of success. The keywords aren’t explicitly described, but here’s my understanding of what I consider the more important and recurrent of them.

  • Unlocked = Losing control over anger, picking fights. Can cause you to pick fights automatically, or to be too rough and thereby incur other effects,
  • Eclipsed = Subtlety, stealth, cowardice.
  • Hunted = Allies are helping the hunt for N’Kantu. Generally good, as it means more help is out there.
  • Feared = Bad reputation, e.g. with NYPD. Affects others’ reactions to MK.
  • Awed = Overwhelmed by the awesomeness of everything. Tends to be a penalty on mental checks.
  • Granted = Backstory, MK’s history and people.
  • In the Heights = Growing fear of heights. Can act as a penalty in a few cases.
  • Knighted = High tech stuff such as drones and computers. Can get stuff done or bypass fights.
  • Who Let the Dogs Out = Connecting Anubis to the situation.
  • Abracadabra = Magical knowledge.
  • Happy Halloween = Knowledge of magical creatures.

There are four secret entries:

  • One =
  • Two =
  • Three =
  • Four =



After the fight with Jack (103) you gain or lose Might depending on the fight. If you lost, you then turn to 30 where you take an additional penalty for losing. Yes, an unfortunate roll can mean -3 Might!






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