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Moon Knight, Age of Anubis

March 15, 2024

YOU become an Egyptologist assisting the hero Moon Night. Working at a museum, of course you always fantasized that a mummy would wake up and start raising trouble. Don’t we all? But then one night it happens, and it’s a lot less cool than it sounded. Fortunately, Moon Knight appears to save the day and […]

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Space Assassin

October 19, 2023

YOU become the assassin sent to arrest Cyrus, a mad scientist about to unleash a plague of mutation viruses onto your unnamed home planet. Yeah, that’s right – they didn’t call the armed forces or the cops to make an arrest, and they didn’t call the assassin’s guild for a murder, they called assassins for […]

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Robot Commando

May 15, 2023

YOU become a dinosaur rancher and the only hope the nation of Thalos, when the Karosseans sneak-attack your country with a sudden disease or toxin that makes everybody fall instantly into a deep sleep. Now that everybody’s asleep, this proud nation of warriors (uhm…) will have an easy run of the place. But for some […]

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Ronin 47

December 13, 2022

YOU become the hero …   Review and Opinion     Tips and Hints   Errors     Maps     Publication Written by Jonathan Green Illustrated by XXX 2023   Other Players and Links ACE Gamebooks home page  

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The House on Sentinel Hill

August 29, 2022

YOU become the investigator …   Review and Opinion     Errors     Maps     Publication Written by Graham Plowman Illustrated by XXX 2022   Other Players and Links Graham Plowman’s webite – HoSH and atmospheric music  

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The Rings of Kether

September 4, 2019

YOU become a vice squad detective looking to bust a drug ring on the remote planet Kether. Like the deadly Marijuana scourge of the twentieth century, this terrible drug is a threat to boredom and conformity and squareness around the world. Yes, the War on Drugs has reached out to the stars. You’ll have exciting […]

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Infinite Universe

June 24, 2018

YOU become the chosen prophesied one … Yes, really. Stop laughing! The earth government of the galaxy has pulled you 1,000 years into the future, to track down and eliminate the leader of a separatist freedom-fighting organization. Sorry, I meant terrorists. I think. It’s so hard to tell the difference. Why don’t they just use […]

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Star Strider

May 13, 2016

YOU become a bounty hunter which gives you some plausibility for being on Earth and snooping around asking questions. But this time you’re not snagging a bail-jumper for a paycheck — the Galactic President has been kidnapped and aliens are burrowing into his brain to get the secrets inside. Totally Ghost In The Shell, eh? […]

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Starship Traveller

March 27, 2015

YOU become the captain of the starship Traveller. And your first day on the job, you fly right into a black hole. Good job. Fortunately, your iron jaw and stunning good looks save the day. Instead of tidal effects shredding you into your component atoms and then crushing them into a singularity, you wind up […]

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Rebel Planet

October 9, 2014

YOU become an operative of SAROS (Search And Research Of Space) assigned to visit the resistance movement on three planets, to collect a code that can set the human race free. By the year 2453, humanity has developed interstellar travel and has colonized a few worlds… and has been conquered and enslaved by another species, […]

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