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Appointment with F.E.A.R.

YOU become the superhero. For real, this time you’re actually a superhero! Not a treasure hunter or assassin (or “adventurer” if you like to be euphemistic) but Titan City’s super powered protector.

Your nemesis The Titanium Cyborg, local leader of the terrorist organization F.E.A.R., has organized a meeting that will finalize their plans and being certain doom. You don’t know where the meeting is, nor what time, nor what they’ll be discussing. You’ll need to search the city high and low to find the meeting, then you’ll need to foil their nefarious plot, whatever it may be.

Only your detective skills and super-powers can save the day. Or can they?


Review and Opinion

This thing is huge! There are four different super-powers which have their own unlocks, not just to extra Hero Points but also to their own paths to foiling the plan… and a few super-power-specific insta-deaths. It would be overstating to say that each power feels like a completely different book… but it’s a very different adventure.

There are side quests all over the place, some of which are worth Hero Points and some of which are red herrings. There are a lot of divergent paths and a lot of settings. Honestly, there’s a lot of complexity packed into this thing, more than I’ve seen in most books. Even mapping it out was a nightmare, since there are so many power-specific asides, many clue-specific asides, and many choices. I think that it is the most complex Fighting Fantasy book I’ve played so far.

But winning it? Well, it’s not easy. In fact, it’s dang hard and I am still working on winning it at all.

But the writing is pretty good. There are plenty of tongue-in-cheek references to comics and comic book heroes, to pop culture music and books. There’s a path where you buy your boss a copy of Warlock of Firetop Mountain, an interesting type of game-book combination. So it has been amusing, and not such a slog, to play and fail repeatedly as I try to collect more clues and get further each time.

I’ll update when/if I ever win it.


Hints and Tips

There’s very little healing in the book, and most of the side quests are optional simply for gaining Hero Points if you’re into that. Keep a note of these, and skip them on your next playthrough to conserve Stamina.

In my opinion, Super Strength is somewhat overpowered because it includes a Skill of 12 (not just super strength, but super dexterity and reflexes too) which helps in every fight, unlike other powers which can only be used when directed, or Energy Blast which costs you Stamina to hit (which does end most fights immediately, so that’s pretty good).



On 189 you buy a record and go listen to it, a quiet evening at home. But you don’t recover 6 Stamina as you do on 103 (leave Wisneyland) or 300 (Epiphany’s Jewlers) which are also a quiet evening at home. Maybe the record was so good you stayed up all night dancing instead of resting?






Written by Steve Jackson

Illustrated by Declan Considine


Book 17 in the series


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First published January 10, 2024. Last updated February 15, 2024.