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Highway to Hell

YOU become Jimmy El Camino, and you are no hero. Jimmy El Camino was an angry boy with a taste for blood. He stayed that way as a soldier in Desert Storm and beyond, until his drinking got him kicked out. A string of broken-up relationships, a fancy car that he wrecked for fun. Then the Men In Black came in the night, and he spent five years in prison without even an explanation.

That brings you, Jimmy El Camino, up to this morning.

It’s been five years since the events of Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse, and things have only gotten worse since then. America is now a wasteland populated by tribes of not-very-nice people, and you’re tasked with driving a lady from New York to San Francisco so the scientists can find out why she’s immune to zombie bites.


Review and Opinion

I was so busy playing the book, that I forgot to put up blog posts for the last 6 weeks about how much I was enjoying it. Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? was pretty great, and H2H was a worthy followup.

The atmosphere and writing and character development are quite good. There are cultists and survivalists and circus ringleaders and children and even weirder folks, with realistic dialogue and vivid descriptions. The depth and detail avoids the tedious sameness that had me bored with Freeway Warrior. Quite the opposite, H2H is quite the page-turner.

There’s a lot in here, too. It’s a thick book, with multiple paths through very different adventures. There isn’t one The Happy Ending, but a wide variety of more-victorious and less-victorious endings, and a few where you just say Screw It and start a new life. It’s weeks’ worth of game-book fun, and one of my favorites.







Max Brallier


Book 2 in the series


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2016 Horror Max Brallier Post-Apocalyptic United States Zombie

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First published January 16, 2020. Last updated April 6, 2023.