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Escape From the Billings Mall

August 29, 2022

YOU become a dad rushing to the mall right before it closes, to buy a birthday present for your son. But picking the right present before the stores close will be the least of your worries tonight, because a timeline tear has created a rift all the way the The Void. The mall is besieged […]

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Trouble in Tinglewood

YOU become a starry-eyed newcomer to the City of Devils (not to be confused with Los Angeles), where you hope to make it big in show business. Or in television. Or maybe sculpture. You’re not sure of the medium, but you’ll figure that out as you go. You have a story in your heart, and […]

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Highway to Heck

YOU become the trucker on your last run before retirement. It’s a milk run, literally – a truckload of delicious, creamy chocolate milk headed to San Diego. But when you’re run off the road by a devil and a bigfoot looking for a mysterious device, and they don’t even care about the precious cargo… things […]

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Expedition to the Frozen Lake

YOU become a retired archaeologist enjoying a quiet evening in. Then you receive a visit from a tall and handsome bigfoot, who asks your help in protecting the Frozen Lake just outside of Billings. It seems that Cobbler Industries (those devils!) wants to drill for chocolate milk at Frozen Lake, but if you could find […]

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Dungeons, Dragons, and Buckaroos

YOU become the hero …   Review and Opinion     Errors     Maps     Publication Written by Chuck Tingle 2021 Book 5 in the Select Your Own Timeline series   Other Players and Links Find out that love is real at Chuck Tingle on Facebook  

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Decisions to Wrestle With

YOU become the hero …   Review and Opinion     Errors     Maps     Publication Written by Chuck Tingle 2022 Book 6 in the Select Your Own Timeline series   Other FF Players and Links Find out that love is real at Chuck Tingle on Facebook  

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The House on Sentinel Hill

YOU become the investigator …   Review and Opinion     Errors     Maps     Publication Written by Graham Plowman Illustrated by XXX 2022   Other Players and Links Graham Plowman’s webite – HoSH and atmospheric music  

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You Are Not Deadpool

August 15, 2022

YOU become the sidekick …when a heavily-armed weirdo dude in a red suit accosts you in Central Park. Deadpool has been given a job to find alien weapons that are being smuggled and potentially sold to gangs, and he wants YOU to help — not really for the butt-kicking or the super-heroing, but to add […]

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She-Hulk goes to Murderworld

YOU become the paralegal assistant to Jen Walters, a lawyer also known as She-Hulk. She’s in the San Francisco Bay Area for a case, and wants you to help make her decisions. It’s a bit weird, right, that she would need your advice on anything legal as well as your advice on superheroing. But just […]

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Freeway Warrior 3, The Omega Zone

June 1, 2020

YOU become a saboteur … In book 2, we evacuated Big Spring in favor of El Paso and made our way to a military installation run by the World Defence League, the counter-terrorism crew which failed to stop The Big Boom. But once again, we brought our troubles with us. The Detroit Lions biker-bandit gang […]

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Freeway Warrior, California Countdown

YOU continue being the scout for the combined Dallas / Big Spring / Phoenix colony, on the final leg of our fateful road trip from Texas to California. Drive through deserts and ruined towns! Drink water or lose 3 endurance points! Eat a meal while you wait for someone to scout the road ahead! It’s […]

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Freeway Warrior, Slaughter Mountain Run

April 25, 2020

YOU continue to be Cal phoenix, a scout for the Dallas/Big Spring Joint  Colony as you rescue your would-be girlfriend from a biker gang and try to make your rendezvous to get away from Big Spring. But wait, wasn’t book 1 all about getting to Big Spring? The land of milk and honey? The Windy […]

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Freeway Warrior, Highway Holocaust

April 3, 2020

YOU become Cal phoenix, a scout for Dallas Colony 1 on a road trip from Dallas, Texas to Big Spring, Texas. Normally this trip of under 300 miles, would be a fun road trip: pack some Mountain Dew and a handful of mix tapes (it was 1988) and we’ll be there in 6 hours even […]

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Highway to Hell

January 16, 2020

YOU become Jimmy El Camino, and you are no hero. Jimmy El Camino was an angry boy with a taste for blood. He stayed that way as a soldier in Desert Storm and beyond, until his drinking got him kicked out. A string of broken-up relationships, a fancy car that he wrecked for fun. Then […]

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Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

YOU become zombie food nine times out of ten. It’s Monday morning, 9am, in Manhattan. A boring work meeting is suddenly interrupted by The Zombie Apocalypse that’s all the rage in movies and media these days. Do you join the throngs of people trying to flee the city, or do you hole up in your […]

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