Highway to Heck

YOU become the trucker on your last run before retirement. It’s a milk run, literally – a load of delicious, creamy chocolate milk headed to San Dieg. But when you’re run off the road by a devil and a bigfoot looking for a mysterious device, and they don’t even care about the precious cargo… things apparently are not what they seem.

Now you’re on the run to San Diego with a device that can bring more love to the world, or destroy the whole universe. And guess which one the devil wants to do?

But you’re not alone. Along the way you’ll make new friends and you’ll meet old friends from the Tingleverse. Keep on truckin’ and keep on provin’ love is real.


Review and Opinion

It’s a pretty short adventure, with all 4 “timelines” being almost exactly the same, and them converging pretty quickly. But it’s a fun romp through the Tingleverse, where the mechanic is a triceratops and the storekeeper is a potato, and you’ll meet old friends like Kevin the living billionaire jet plane and Orion the space raptor. And sometimes it’s not you who saves the day; most times it’s your buds who make the delivery possible – and your buds stepping up, proves that love is real.



On 138 you’re gunned down by a unicorn, but the guard was a triceratops.

From 50 you turn to 39 to wake up the next morning at the hotel.. But 50 doesn’t say you went to a hotel, just that you got away.






Written by Chuck Tingle


Book 3 in the Select Your Own Timeline series


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