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Tag: Alan Langford

Creature of Havoc

April 23, 2021

YOU become the monster in the dungeon, killing hapless intruders into your dungeon home and feasting on their flesh. In particular, you have a fondness for hobbit meat, especially still warm. Your actions are random and thoughtless until you stumble across a vial of fog, the Vapor of Reason, and gain free will. Now you […]

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Battleblade Warrior

May 18, 2018

YOU become the hero of a city under siege. The lizard men, orcs, and goblins have held Vymorna under a war of attrition for years. Food is running out, morale is wearing thin, and people are dying. You have a vision from the god Telak, telling you to seek the Sword of Telak which will […]

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Island of the Lizard King

June 6, 2016

YOU become the hero of Oyster Bay. The prison of Fire Island was closed down officially, but the Lizard King who was contracted to run the prison, still means to turn a profit. And when there aren’t enough prisoners, Lizard Men raid the quiet town of Oyster Bay, kidnapping men to labor in the gold […]

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Portal of Evil

March 27, 2015

YOU become the hero of Kleinkastle, a frontier town in a gold boom. But those greedy dwarves dug too far and found more than gold, a portal to another world. The Portal bends and enslaves the people who cross into it, turning them into dinosaurs and zombies who overrun and terrorize the countryside. It’s truly […]

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Sword of the Samurai

October 22, 2014

YOU become a samurai, the hired muscle and champion of the local shogun. The Shogun of Hachiman gets his power from a magic sword named Singing Death, but the sword has been stolen away to the Pit Of Demons by a shadowy figure named Ikiru. While Ikiru can’t yet use the sword for his own […]

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