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Tag: 2014

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf HD, the Video Game

May 16, 2019

Joe Dever’s famous Lone Wolf series of gamebooks was immensely popular. Not only did these two men make over 30 gamebooks, and later grant rights to have them freely published online, but they also created a really fun video game. It’s a really well done combination of book (lots of text and illustrations), multimedia video […]

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Infinite Universe

June 24, 2018

YOU become the chosen prophesied one … Yes, really. Stop laughing! The earth government of the galaxy has pulled you 1,000 years into the future, to track down and eliminate the leader of a separatist freedom-fighting organization. Sorry, I meant terrorists. I think. It’s so hard to tell the difference. Why don’t they just use […]

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Lords of Nurroth

May 10, 2017

YOU become a thief in the infamous Nurroth, Orlandes’ own version of Port Blacksand. You’re hired for a simple task of stealing a document, and are offered double your usual rate. Who would pass up a deal like that? But what comes after the heist? That’s up to you. There are many paths to happiness. […]

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Sultans of Rema

April 5, 2017

YOU BECAME a slave but this time you’re on a mission. In Slaves of Rema your introduction to the southern continent of Rema was less than friendly: slavery, gladiatorial combat, and a plot to overthrow the Grand Duke of Orlandes. It’s a year later. The Reman empire has continued to decline, and the United Emirates […]

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Songs of the Mystics

January 29, 2017

YOUR MOM BECOMES the Earth Queen, the priestess-chieftain of a tribe of insular, xenophobic druids living in a forest at a lake which is the center of all life in the world. She is disturbed that the forest is weakening, that the lake needs a sacrifice to become strong. She offers a sacrifice of life, […]

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Curse of the Assassin

January 18, 2017

YOU ATTEND the funeral of an old friend, one of your adventuring buddies from back when you were kids. You find out that he was murdered for investigating a local cult, and you are out for revenge. In the process, you find a connection to Eltane, the would-be usurper in GA #1, Assassin in Orlandes, […]

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Temple of the Spider God

June 10, 2016

YOU BECOME a pest-removal specialist when some clown mails a giant poisonous spider to the king. Despite your deathly fear of spiders, you’re still the king’s choice to sleuth out an assassination attempt involving mind-control spiders (maybe “because of” your deathly fear? it doesn’t say that the king likes you). Your investigation exposes a much […]

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