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The Prisoners of Time

February 8, 2021

YOU become a prisoner in the Magnamund version of the Phantom Zone. At the end of book 10, the last three Lorestones were suspended over a pit of infinite blackness, and as Lone Wolf reached for them, Darklord Gnaag sprang his trap. The pit was a Shadow Gate and after falling for hours or maybe […]

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The Dungeons of Torgar

February 7, 2021

YOU continue your quest for the Lorestones. Darklord Gnaag appeared at the end of book 9, saying that he has the last three stones. Later reports indicated that they are in the fortress of Torgar, where Darklord wizards are attempting to de-magicalify them to stop Lone Wolf from getting any more powerful. But the rest […]

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Chasms of Malice

November 30, 2020

YOU become the last descendant of the king who founded this kingdom. A bajillion years ago (as it always is) the king’s evil brother and his seven lieutenants were banished to the underground cities to live with dark elves and blind cave people. A magic shield keeps this imprisonment in effect, and also brings good […]

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The Jungle of Horrors

December 12, 2019

YOU continue being the hero. Only a few days after the events in Castle Death, the wizards inform you that they know the location of the next Lorestone — the Danarg Swamp. Way back a bajillion years ago, the Danarg Swamp was a beautiful place. But you know, eight thousand years is a long time […]

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July 18, 2017

YOU become a badass ninja again. Your friends Glaivas and Dore, crazy characters they are, decided to take an expedition into the Rift just to see how many nasty monsters they can kill. They’ve been gone a month, and word has finally come It is not good news. Cassandra, one of a trio of ne’er-do-wells […]

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July 4, 2017

YOU become the general of the army of Irsmuncast. At the end of Overlord you appear back at the castle, with the Orb and Sceptre in hand… and the city of Irsmuncast in flames, actively fighting off orcs and dark elves and other nasties from the Rift. Nasty though they are, this invasion while you […]

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Star Strider

May 13, 2016

YOU become a bounty hunter which gives you some plausibility for being on Earth and snooping around asking questions. But this time you’re not snagging a bail-jumper for a paycheck — the Galactic President has been kidnapped and aliens are burrowing into his brain to get the secrets inside. Totally Ghost In The Shell, eh? […]

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Slaves of the Abyss

January 20, 2016

YOU become the hero of Kallamehr. Whole villages are being found desolate and abandoned, sometimes with signs of struggle but never any bodies or blood. The army is fighting off an invasion so it’s on you to get to the bottom of this mystery.   Review and Opinion Slaves of the Abyss is an epic […]

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Phantoms of Fear

January 3, 2016

YOU become the lucid-dreaming shaman-protector of your village when the forest sends you dreams of an evil presence spreading through your forest home. Treading boldly into the forest without even packing a lunch first, you do find the source of the evil: a demon prince living in a world that brings dreams and reality together. […]

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Midnight Rogue

March 27, 2015

YOU become a no-good dirty thief. As your initiation into the Thieves’ Guild of Port Blacksand, your job is to steal the Eye of the Basilisk, a precious gem in the possession of a local merchant. But of course, it wouldn’t be your initiation if it were easy. First you need to track down the […]

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Beneath Nightmare Castle

YOU become the hero of Neuberg, a peaceful town in Khul, ruled by your good friend Baron Tholdur. All is not well in Neuberg. On your way into town, you’re ambushed, knocked out, and locked in a cell. (an arrow to the knee?) And that’s where your adventure starts: tied up and in a cell. […]

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