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Crypt of the Sorcerer

YOU become the hero of Allansia, tasked with hunting down a wizard who just won’t stay dead. Razaak’s tomb was sealed with magic that takes 110 years to set properly and dispel his evil permanently, but here at 100 some tomb robbers broke the seal and… well, you know how it goes.

Yaztromo is too busy to help save the world, but he can tell you some backstory. There’s a lake out in the hills with a cursed skeleton and a magic sword. This magic sword, previously Razaak’s, was what killed him before so it should work again. Here are five healing potions instead of, you know, a wizard helping you to find the sword and to fight the lich. Oh and don’t forget to explore every nook and grab every random item you see, because some of them might be magical talismans to protect you from the wizard’s magic.

Have fun storming the castle.


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The background and page 1 never explicitly say that you have a sword,and the gryphon rider has a sword which you can take for +2 skill if you don’t already have one. But, there are other places in the text that mention your sword even if you haven’t come here, so I’m not sure whether you start without one (and get +2) or had some way to lose yours (and take a -2 penalty which this negates). Maybe I’ll find out as I play through some more.






Written by Ian Livingstone

Illustrated by John Sibbick


Book 26 in the series


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