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Trial of Champions

July 18, 2023

YOU become a gladiatorial slave of Lord Carnuss, brother of Baron Sukumvit. Last year some wise guy survived the infamous Deathtrap Dungeon, and Carnuss wants to upstage his brother by having one of his slaves do it again. That’s where you come in. Lord Carnuss has bought 42 slaves, and you’re one of them. His […]

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Robot Commando

May 15, 2023

YOU become a dinosaur rancher and the only hope the nation of Thalos, when the Karosseans sneak-attack your country with a sudden disease or toxin that makes everybody fall instantly into a deep sleep. Now that everybody’s asleep, this proud nation of warriors (uhm…) will have an easy run of the place. But for some […]

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War of the Wizards

March 8, 2022

YOU are still Grey Star the Wizard… as you return from the not-so-mysterious Daziarn Plane with the magic rock in hand. That took three books to accomplish step two of your plan. Now it’s time make your move on Shasarak the Wytch-King, to assassinate him and make the world a better place. But it won’t […]

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Beyond the Nightmare Gate

YOU continue being Grey Star the Wizard on a quest for the magical Moonstone which can defeat the big bad wizard emperor. In book two, you found your way across the swamps and to the Shadow Gate, and here in book three you delve into the mysterious Daziarn plane, a world of mystery and dream […]

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Creature of Havoc

April 23, 2021

YOU become the monster in the dungeon, killing hapless intruders into your dungeon home and feasting on their flesh. In particular, you have a fondness for hobbit meat, especially still warm. Your actions are random and thoughtless until you stumble across a vial of fog, the Vapor of Reason, and gain free will. Now you […]

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Castle Death

October 22, 2018

YOU become yet another dungeon-diver in search of another Lorestone. In the previous book, Lone Wolf needed the fabled Lorestone to legitimize his desire to establish a new Kai Kollege ™. But guess what? A little ret-con here, the book now says that there are seven of the damn things. This one is inside a […]

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Masks of Mayhem

August 5, 2017

YOU become a king of some insignificant municipality, where you don’t even know the king immediately north of you, and have never been further from home than Lake Nekros outside of town. Your court wizard informs you that Morgana, a sorcerer, is holed up in the mountains to the northeast collecting masks of elemental power […]

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April 6, 2017

YOU become a politician. Having conquered the Usurper in book 3, you take over the throne of Irsmuncast. So the first half of the book is meetings, and appointing people to your cabinet, and figuring out where you’re going to raise taxes without making your people angry. If you survive the tribulations of office, a […]

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February 22, 2017

YOU BECOME a prince, heir to rule the city of Irsmuncast. Recall from Avenger! that you’re an orphan, left with the monks on the Island of Tranquil Dreams. Naturally, being an orphan in a fantasy world, it’s basically a given that your parents were royalty and that your rightful place is on a throne. So […]

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Sword of the Samurai

October 22, 2014

YOU become a samurai, the hired muscle and champion of the local shogun. The Shogun of Hachiman gets his power from a magic sword named Singing Death, but the sword has been stolen away to the Pit Of Demons by a shadowy figure named Ikiru. While Ikiru can’t yet use the sword for his own […]

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