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Captain Comet awaaaaaay!

We’re continuing my adventure in Infinite Universe, a sci-fi adventure by Tin Man Games and Gamebook Adventures.

In our previous episode, I trusted some dude who erased my memory, got gunned down, and found out that it was a sim, and that I’m in the year 3021. My boss then bored me for 20 pages with educational videos about myself, and exposition about earth ruling the galaxy, and how an oracle prophesied me by name, to track down the leader of the rebel resistance and bring them to justice.

I’m always dubious when statists frame dissentors as terrorists, but they did offer me a lot of money… and awesome brain implants!

So, now it’s time to pick my skills. I spend most of my points on buffing my Fitness from its quite respectable 11, to an awesome 14. I pick up sharpshooting, melee and unarmed combat, and dodge. I’m a freakin’ space ninja! And for my undercover superhero name, I choose Clint Ironjaw! Blast Hardcheese! Buck Beefwit! Slab Manchest! No…

Captain Comet.

Quit laughing.

Quit laughing.

Our hero then takes a slipgate to Heathrow Spaceport, where I’m to catch a flight to Tau Ceti and start my investigations. The trip is punctuated with dark humor, and a few random rolls to see if our quantums get entanglemented, but I arrive just fine.

I meet my partner Judas, but have a funny feeling about him. Turns out it’s an impostor and we have fisticuffs in an alleyway. I beat him down badly, he mouths off, so I kill him and rifle through his stuff. I also find the body of the real Judas. I then get picked up by the cops and… Slab Manmeat’s adventure ends here.

Well crap.

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First published June 26, 2018. Last updated December 15, 2020.