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Chewed up by the Fangs of Fury (Part 2)

Continuing yesterday’s thrilling cliff hanger in… Fangs of Fury!

My skills are: Skill 7 / Stamina 17 / Luck 7 which should make this a pretty short adventure.

And it was. I was immediately captured by the enemy, thrown into jail, then accidentally conscripted into their army. But I blew my cover when I attacked one of the others and defended a knight (who killed himself anyway). I was tackled and knocked out, and woke up on an executioner’s block. My adventure ends…

thwack! The executioner falls to the ground. Someone cuts the rope on my wrist. In a blur she hands me a sword and starts killing the other orcs standing around me. I kill one of them (the executioner himself, I notice) and find that she has dispatched the other four herself. Oh thank goodness, the real soldiers are here! As an afterthought, I snag two of the white cubes from the orc’s necklace on our way out the door. A moment later, we’re slinking out of the camp and into a trench for some healing and a brief chat.

And by chat, I mean she draws in the sand and instead of showing a drawing of the little semaphore guys, they describe it as dagger hand and shield hand. Odd that they described it instead of drawing it, this time… Then some guards come at us, and she bravely fights them off as I bravely flee into the night. I run and run until I come to a coastal cliffside that I remember from a previous life.

I pick a tent at random (rather, I remember which tent is the friendly one, but want to explore) and that turns out to be a very bad idea. I pull my sword on the knight outside, and he kicks my ass — all 17 stamina points lost in a single fight, and my adventure ends here, in sliced up shreds on the floor of the tent.



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First published March 7, 2023. Last updated March 6, 2023.