Fighting Crime in the Outer Rim

Today, I start on my next adventure, a gamebook I’ve never read before: The Rings of Kether.

The backstory is that I’m a vice cop, sent to some outer rim world called Kether which has nothing interesting to it, except for some new drug hitting  the market. Like the deadly Marijuana scourge of the twentieth century, this lethal drug is a threat to law and order and whatever else…

First off, I’m given a choice of where to start looking. Kether has only one city on it, but there’s a moon and an asteroid belt. I decide to check out the asteroid belt. I find only a few drone fighters who get in some lucky shots and bring my ship down to 1 Shield remaining; then I give up and head to the planet, landing at the spaceport.

I decide to check in with the local cops. I find them not only reticent, but outright scared! The one contact I make, suspects that everybody is being bribed or being pressured. He offers to hook me up with an underworld contact of his, though, an unemployed spaceship navigator who hangs out at a sleazy dive bar.

The guy has little to say, except that the serious-looking folks playing cards are up to no good. I follow up on this lead, join for a game of cards and make a bad joke, and get my ass kicked. Having lost my lead, I decide to head to the library… so I guess I can use their computers to search Google for drugs dealers on Kether?

Yeah, that goes as well as expected. I find one mention of someone being prosecuted for drugs a few years ago, so… why not? I head to his place, which turns out to be a warehouse, and I am gunned down by his goons in a cut scene.

My adventure ends here, in a blaze of blaster fire.