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Heaven is… El Paso, Texas. Really?

Freeway Warrior 2: Mountain Run (yes, the American one with the abbreviated name)

Part Four

Surprisingly, Kate and I are somehow still not dead, and somehow we are still in the scorching Texas heat wishing for some gasoline. We’re riding on fumes, and we’ve found our way to Fort Stockton where we’re being held at gunpoint by four men. But I have a feeling about them — for one, they didn’t even shoot at us. So I throw down the gun, and we surrender.

Good move, us! Turns out they’re soldiers, who worked for the World Defence League back before things went to hell. When they hear about Mad Dog Michigan and see the map I stole, they’re on our side. Finally, someone who doesn’t want to kill us!

These guys have spent the last three days in Fort Stockton, and they assure us that there’s no gas nor drinking water to be had. But, there’s a truck stop about 10 miles out that they’ve not checked yet. Naturally, when we get there, there are some bandits poking around and we have to kill them. The gas tanks are locked with a digital code lock which somehow still works after 8 years without maintenance or power, and the 12,000 gallon tank has 125 gallons of gasoline which somehow is still fresh after 8 years. I roll my eyes at this obvious plot point, which is less credible than any of the crazy shit I’ve seen in Fighting Fantasy, and move on.

We tank up and drive on, and make it to Kent in time for our rendezvous with the Big Spring-Dallas convoy.

From here, the WDF folks make contact with the WDF base in El Paso. We’re almost there, but there’s moderately heavy bandit activity in between here and there, apparently a war between the Mavericks and another gang out of Mexico. Yes, we will be crossing a war zone.

As I’m scouting ahead, I come across a munitions truck. In an easy cut-scene not even involving a dice roll, I gun down the drivers and set the truck aflame, not even bothering to loot any water or ammunition. That wasn’t smart. But, I do find… a rocket launcher. heh heh Aww yeah. Say hello to my little friend.

The rocket launcher comes in handy two pages later, as we run into the largest, thickest road block we’ve seen yet. But thanks to their own rocket launcher which we stole *FWOOSH* … *KABOOM!* and the roadblock is blown to pieces, bandits scattering in every direction, …

…and turn to 350. Yes, that was it. We drive onward to El Paso unchallenged, and connect with the WDL forces there. We know it won’t be happily ever after because Mad Dog is still unifying gangs for a massive siege and assualt. But that was it for book 2, Slaughter Mountain Run.

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First published May 30, 2020. Last updated December 15, 2020.