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Into the Shamutanti Hills – Day 1 and 2

The Sorcery! storyline sounds exciting: four books covering the four geographic areas we will be crossing, to recover a stolen crown that grants leadership and prosperity. I’ve had these books for about two years and for the last few weeks, I have finally been playing them.

The sad reality so far has been quite less exciting: a lot of bordeom walking in the hills from village to village, and only two fights including a boss fight that cannot be won without cheating. But I’m no quitter. So let’s start today’s attempt and see if it gets more interesting.

My wizard’s Skill is a poor 7, Stamina a mediocre 17, and luck at least a solid 12. Ouch. As always, we start with 20 gold and food for 2 days.

My first stop is the village of Cantopani, only a short walk from where I started. Sadly, I have the choice of buying food or else visiting a merchant. I opted for the merchant and picked up a +1 sword for a hefty 11 gold. n my way out of town I am harassed by bandits, and with some very fortunate rolls I killed both of them without even taking a hit (my SK=8 to their SK=7) and I hit the trail.

The evening doesn’t go so well. In the middle of the night I was attacked by a werewolf, and knocked down to 9 stamina. Hunger hits me for 3 more, so I’m down to 6 already.

The next day I make my way up a hill, and find a rather gruesome sight of severed heads on spears, clearly a warning that this is private property. I ignore them and bravely stumble onward, and find myself at a mine being operated by goblins. Interesting! I sneak inside the cave for a look.

My wandering brings me to an office, where a goblin does not attack me immediately, but instead tells me that I’m not allowed here. Well that’s all fine and reasonable, but I’m an adventurer! I bravely hack him down with my sword and steal the silver key from his desk, and move into the next room. It’s a dark passage, but at this point my Stamina is only 4 so casting a light spell would kill me, so I continue along blindly.

Suddenly the roof caves in! I run like the dickens, and fortunately my Luck of 12 saves me from further injury. Eventually I find a point of daylight and fresh air, and make my way to the surface again, putting me into the village of Kristatanti that evening.



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First published February 25, 2019. Last updated December 15, 2020.