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Journey of the Kai Marathon, Day Fifteen

We continue with Lone Wolf 5 – Shadow On The Sand. Our peace envoy has gone sour. I made a rather savage jailbreak, leaving a trail of dead bodies behind me, and come across the king selling me to a Darklord. The Darklord aims to put an end to the Kai menace (hey, that’s me!) forever, by destroying the last Kai and the Book of the Magnakai so there can’t be any more Kai.

I doubt it, dude. When I first got the Sommerswerd at the end of book 2, all I had to do was raise the Sommewrswerd and it nuked the Darklord from afar in a rather smashing explosion. So that’s what I do here: raise that sword and… What, I can’t? Why not? Okay, no, the book has other plans.  Whatever.

My name is Obiwan Kenobi. You stole my line. Prepare to die.

Okay, so the Darklord goes into exposition mode and tells us about the fabled Book of the Magnakai. Apparently the Kai monastery where I went, wasn’t very good at their job, because all the good superpowers are in this ancient and long-lost book. With the book, I could become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

But hey, those are Drakkarim soldiers and a hunting dog, coming down the hall at me! I take the brave and yet sensible course of action: I run. i run and I run, and thanks some some lucky rolls and Mind Over Matter, eventually I lose them. I take a breather and look down from a rooftop, to see the aviary and landing platform where the Vassagonian soldiers handle their giant birds (flying birds in war? awesome!).

Time for some G.T.A. — Grand Theft Avian. Awww yeah!

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First published September 5, 2018. Last updated December 15, 2020.