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Journey of the Kai Marathon, Day Fourteen

The power playthrough of the first 5 Lone Wolf books continues.

Lone Wolf has become so overpowered that Chasm of Doom was a cake walk, with only minimal combat and never dropping below 20 endurance points. And now, time for Shadow On The Sand.

Lone Wolf has a base CS of 17. Add the Sommerswerd +8, a shield and helmet for +2 and +2, weaponskill with swords for +2, and mindblast for +2 more most times… and that’s 33. Compared to most bandits and monsters having 20 or so, most battles are done in 2 or 3 hits.

The Healing skill is pretty overpowered as well, and I have a backpack full of enough laumspur to come back from the edge of death.

So, let’s start.

In Chasm of Doom, a warlord named Baraka came across the sea from Vassagonia. He besieged, enslaved, and killed most of the barony of Ruanon, then tried to perform a ritual to raise a legion of undead Darklords so he could take over the world.

In book 5, the king is sending me overseas to Vassagonia. We’re gonna kick ass, wipe them off the planet and rid the world of the menace forev…  no? Really? Oh, that’s cool — the king of Vassagonia apologized profusely, and condemned this unsanctioned rogue action. I’m being sent overseas to sign the formal peace treaty. Isn’t that nice of everybody?

Problem is, that king died while we were en route.

As I step off the boat, we are attacked by the security team of the new king. My escorts are instantly killed, and I kill one guard before I’m slapped with a sleep-dart, and I wake up in jail. Damn.

Fortunately my jailers have never watched TV, and they fall for the oldest trick in the book: I hide in a corner, they walk in to investigate, I jump both of them. I get ripped up a bit in the scuffle, but come out of it with two dead guards, a sword, and some keys.

I make my way down a hall and brutally kill another guard. I’m the freakin’ angel of death! This room is the armory, and I find a door combination and some weapons… but not my stuff. Further down the hall, I find a chest with a snake living in it (of course! but how does that happen?) but again not my stuff. The third door… has my stuff. And now I’m the insanely OP Lone Wolf who will wreak a bloody vengeance upon this land.

I kake my way into the nicer parts of the royal palace, out of the jails and basements and into the arboretum, and into… the throne room. Where I find the king in a heated discussion with a Darklord.

About his newly acquired prisoner, Lone Wolf the last of the Kai. I’d hate to be that guy.

Oh hell.


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First published September 4, 2018. Last updated December 15, 2020.