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Journey of the Kai Marathon, Day Seven

In preparation for playing Lone Wolf Book 6, the Kingdoms of Terror, I’m playing through books 1 through 5 again in a couple of power sessions.

Take off! To the Great White North! Take off! It’s such a beauty way to go!

Last session, I finished book 2, in which the invading army was destroyed by an energy blast from the Sommerswerd. As a result, the war is basically over…

… Until we get news that the magician who sold out Sommerlund and let the enemy get such a surprise attack on the whole kingdom, is still alive in the Great White North. So the king is all like “Hey, you go get that hoser, eh?  Take off already!”

  • CS of 17 +8 for the Sommerswerd and +2 for weaponskill, +2 for a shield, +2 mindblast when applicable That’s a whopping 31!
  • 26 endurance +2 for a helmet.
  • A backpack full of food and laumspur healing potions, because every book gives me more and I also have healing power. And also because this book didn’t offer me anything useful for arctic adventuring such as ropes and blankets.
  • Kai disciplines of weaponskill, mindshield and mindblast, tracking and camouflage, sixth sense, healing, and mind-over-matter.

Our expedition starts off badly, when a winter storm blows us some 30 miles off course. Rather than waste a day sailing back to our intended landing zone, I and three redshirts elect to spend several days crossing overland in sledges. Hm, interesting choice…

The overland crossing is cold and awful, as expected. We’re attacked by wild animals once, but no harm is done. And then we encounter the natives, a fantasy parody of Eskimos: they ride on skis, and a carry a child in a backpack who has a bow to provide fire support. The three redshirts are killed in a cutscene, and I kill one of the Eskimo myself. In a desperate act of heroism and bravery, I take a child hostage and bravely threaten to cut his throat, as I make my heroic and noble escape on one of the sledges.

Our hero, ladies and gentlemen. Our hero.

Riding off into the snowy wastes, the rest of my journey is uneventful. It gets dark and I hole up in a cave, where I fall down a hole and find myself inside the Caverns of Kalte.


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First published August 27, 2018. Last updated December 15, 2020.