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Journey of the Kai Marathon, Day Six

Journey of the Kai: a power session to play through the first five Lone Wolf books.

Edit: Due to database failure, a month of content is gone including days 1 through 5.

We’re in Fire On The Water, and it’s been a long and hard journey so far. Lone Wolf and Rhygar (a warrior, and Sommerlund ambassador to Durenor) are headed to the capital of Durenor, Hammerdal, to fetch the Sommerswerd. Halfway there, they were attacked by Helghasts and had to run for their lives.

We are at the entrance to the Tarnalin, a forty-mile-long tunnel under the mountains and into the capital city. I am given the opportunity to give away my magic Helghast-killing spear to Rhygar so he can defend the entrance, but my sixth sense tells me that I’ll encounter another of those things and need this. Sorry, Rhygar.

My intuition proves right. I am attacked by one, and I get to kill it without a fight.

I’ll reiterate that the reason I’m doing this Journey of the Kai thing and power-playing the first 5 books, is because I want to play Kingdoms of Terror and the combat is calibrated towards having this magnificent +8 beast.

Next thing I know, I come to a barricade by the king’s soldiers. I show my credentials, and get a ride into town. One page later, I’m meeting King Alin of Durenor… and picking up the Sommerswerd.

It bombards my mind with magic and visions. The visions tell me that the sword is +8 and does double damage to undead. Oh hell yes. I feel like Muad Dib doing that “Emperor, we come for you!” thing. But also kind of like He-Man. Is that wrong?

The next few pages are a montage: fourteen days waiting for the navy to mobilize, while Sommlending people die in the meantime. And then when we get underway, most of the soldiers get seasick, … and then we’re attacked.

Out of a mysterious fog, the ship arrives. Crewed by the living dead, and still draped in the rot and seaweed from whence it came, the hulk rams into our flagship and destroys it in one hit. I jump onto the death ship, and start re-slaughtering zombies left and right. A Helghast comes into the hold at one point, but I get a really lucky roll of the die and kill it in one shot.

Back on deck, I’m looking for my next target. There! Fireballs are coming from the tower, killing Durenese soldiers. That seems like a mega-weapon worth destroying! But it’s not a mega-weapon… it’s Vonator the Traitor. The wizard Banedon mentioned this guy, said that he sold out the other wizards. Looks like he was right. Unfortunately for Vonator, the Sommerswerd is really crazy O.P. and it absorbs his magical attack. So he screams, hucks a smoke bomb, and takes off in a boat.

I try to go after him, but it’s no good. There’s too much fire and smoke, and a brief run-in with a kraan, and eventually I decide to take a breather on one of the Durenese battleships.

Finally, we pull into the coast at Holmgard. In an awesome cut-scene, I whip out the Sommerswerd, and it does this crazy Ark of the Covenant thing, blasting the undead demon army in one shot. Victory!

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First published August 26, 2018. Last updated December 15, 2020.