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Journey of the Kai Marathon, Day Thirteen

Lone Wolf, The Chasm of Doom — Finale

The trip from Ruanon to Maaken was easy, just a couple of page-turns and one band of bandits who didn’t see me. Now that I’m at the Maakengorge, I have to find the temple and stop Baraka from a human sacrifice.

I see a guarded door, and an unguarded set of stairs. I use my Camouflage skill and hang out by the door, until I overhear a guard say the password out loud. That password gets me through their security, and the book doesn’t even ask if I remember it. Thanks, guy!

I walk down some stairs and find myself overlooking the temple. Just like that, no dungeon crawl or anything! And there he is, the big bad himself. I shout my battle cry “Get your hands off her, you damn dirty ape!” and move in for the attack.

I’ve mentioned before that the Sommerswerd is hugely O.P. right? Yeah, I take 4 points of damage and kill Barraka in 3 hits. And that’s it: turn to 350.

Vashna remains imprisoned, I have the dagger that can free him, the princess is saved, roll credits.

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First published September 3, 2018. Last updated December 15, 2020.