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Jungle of Horrors – Let’s try again (a brief ending)

After our daring escape from an ambush in Tharro, we have been riding for a few days northward towards Syada. That’s why I took all week getting to the next blog post: can’t get very good wifi on horseback in this area.

On the highway we come across a boarded-up mine and a caretaker’s hut. Seems like a nice place to stop in and get some news or directions, right?

Wrong. Some bandit/thug is hiding inside and attacks us. I kill him immediately in self-defense, and long story short, it looks like he and/or some friends found some silver in the mine and didn’t want to share. Not that I wanted his silver anyway…

We decide to check out the mine, see what else is going on in there. Bad move. The miner panics, and in a cut scene he kills my friend with a pickaxe and me with a gun, and brings the mine caving in on our bodies. Our adventure has definitely ended here.

Shortest posting yet!


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First published December 22, 2019. Last updated December 15, 2020.