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Kether is a rough place!

I tried my luck at Rings of Kether again. I kept the same crappy character with 8 Skill and 15 Stamina, because why not?

This time I decided to go to the local cops, and enlist some help. The officer I met, though, was scared to talk in his own office, and had me meet him at a restaurant. That’s not a good sign. He gave me two leads: the same dive bar I tried in my previous life where I got my ass kicked, and a local heliport where there are “irregularities” in the air traffic controllers’ reports. I decided to try the heliport, and right off the bat ran into a talkative mechanic who also complained about ATC “irregularities” back at the spaceport. Nice!

So I headed back to the spaceport, and this time broke into the ATC’s office after hours. Talk about an easy mark! He had left bribe checks and a letter from the head of Customs ordering him to ignore certain flights, in an unlocked drawer! Well, that makes my job easy, doesn’t it? My next stop was the Customs office, where I walked right in on officers smiling at drugs and rubber-stamping them OK. Again, a really good night of easy work!

They spill the beans about a local import/export company, so that sounds like my next destination. I get there to find the door ajar, and the office being cleaned, documents burned, etc. by a pair of thugs. The thugs are heavily armed, though, and my Skill 8 doesn’t cut it. They fry me with blaster fire in 3 short combat rounds


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First published November 23, 2020. Last updated December 15, 2020.