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Lovecraft Film Festival

Hard to believe that the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival was two weeks ago already. I couldn’t see everything, and I picked more feature-length movies this time over short films. I found almost all of the feature-length ones really boring, and I wish I had gone with the short films instead.

But aside from the films, of course, is the people and the whole spectacle. I ran into a podcaster whose work I enjoy; he had a mask on, but I know that voice! I chatted up some folks at the merch tables about music and authors, and turns out they were authors selling their own books. Turns out too, that they’re really good books. And I bought some new artwork for my walls, and chatted up that fella too – he’s the artists’s husband, and he’s also the only person who has ever recognized that big tattoo on my front arm.

My only complaint, other than not being able to see everything and choosing some movies I didn’t enjoy, is that everything kept running late. When a movie block that was supposed to let out at 11pm starts over an hour late, it means we won’t be out until after midnight. And most of us have work the next day, and some of us have a two-hour drive home and starting at midnight is a safety hazard.

Still, it was a great time. And it was just nice to get away from the house for a weekend.


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First published October 18, 2022. Last updated October 18, 2022.