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Night Shift and the HPLFF, night 3

It’s the HP Lovecraft Film Festival here in Portland, and I’ve been playing Nightshift. I’m an E.R. doctor, and woke up here in the nightmare version of my hospital: run-down, just plain wrong in places where the furnishings have reverted to something from the 19th century, flooded with water and mold, and populated with gnomes and a serial murderer who steals organs. I think I’m next on their list of harvests, too. I’ve been trekking about for hours now, seeing weird horrors even for an E.R. doctor, hoping to find a way back home. If there is one.

I’ve made my way to the accident and emergency department, and met a friendly succubus (not the hot sexy kind, turns out they’re more like an imp), as well as another of Carmichael’s victims. She, too, is a witch and is one of 11… which sounds familiar since he’s looking for 12 to collect their super-powers. But why is he after me?

Am I number 12? Not only am I a woman, but I’m also a witch? I kind of like this idea, if I could find my super-power and fight back. Witch 11 tells me to head for the mortuary to get back home, so I do. I march right back up the stairs to the upper floor again (wait, why? is the mortuary upstairs?) this time full of confidence and…

…and… and… there’s a skeleton on the stairs. Curled up in a fetal position. Wearing my scrubs. And a name tag I can barely see that the first letter is the first letter of my name… oh shit.

My confidence dissipates slightly.

I find myself back up at the top of Stairwell A, outside of the surgery ward and orthopedic ward again. But this time it’s different, and I’m told that I probably have a clue where to go (uhm, nope!), and I am given three options where to go. They’re specific sites I’ve seen on this floor before: the prayer room pretty far away, the vascular ward right here, or back to the O.R. where I started.

Previously, I tried the vascular ward. The killer was there earlier, but he’s surely moved on by now and ACK! arck! gurgle… nope… he’s here oh no thats my throat crack my spine he carries me off and im not even dead yet oh no what organ is he going to take

oh my back my head my neck

my adventure




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First published October 6, 2019. Last updated December 15, 2020.