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Playtesting, hard work but fun

For the last week, I’ve been play-testing and proof-reading a game book for someone in the Facebook group.

It’s hard work.

As with any game book, I go through every option and map out what connects to what – but this time I also need to track which pages I’ve visited, so I can find any unlinked pages. And I have to keep an eye out for odd punctuation, spellings, and so on. The spelling is interesting because the author is in the U.K. so I have to double-check myself and add a “?” note to some of my notes typos, in case they are not.

But it’s also fun.

The author has a knack for making the deaths gruesome and memorable. In fact, the book asks you to write your deaths down on your adventure sheet, you know, just so the next explorer can know what to expect and avoid.

Fun times.


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First published October 27, 2021. Last updated October 27, 2021.