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Replay: Sword of the Samurai

Sword of the Samurai continues. Yesterday I took revenge upon the local lord who pillaged one of our villages, then made my way through the Forest of Shadows by answering two riddles. I’m crossing a bridge over a river, musing at how easy this has all been…

…when suddenly the sky turns dark, the river turns to blood, and I’m attacked by an undead travesty of a samurai! It gets a series of 4 lucky hits in a row (ouch!) before suddenly it turns invisible… and then leaps away as six skeletons rise up out of the river, and it’s a mob fight! I get torn up pretty badly by sheer weight of numbers, reduced to 6 stamina by the time I’ve defeated all seven of them.

I move on up the road, eating some provisions and sleeping in a little, … and feeling a bit less confident than I did yesterday.

My confidence wanes further as I climb the mountains and find myself taken into another world, a game put on by the demon who lives here, … The Tourney of the Planes. Our Monty Hall wannabe tells me I should try these doors and try to recruit whoever is behind them, so we can then square off in a gang fight. Oh great.

The Mountain of Ineffable Holiness sounds promising, so I hit it up first. As I had hoped, the critter here just asks if my honour is high, which it is. And now I have a kirin on my side. That’s a nice start!

The High Place of Hella High Height, is home to the tatsu I met back in the woods. He reaffirms that he’s on my side, and that’s that.

Third, let’s try… hm, the plains. A tiger is roaming the savannah, and when I blow the horn I got from the skeletons it suddenly turns friendly. That’s 3 so far!

The next door has a phoenix, who is not at all pleased to see me. It attacks me and I flee. There’s a tower of human soldiers who will not help me, and a swamp serpent that tries to eat me. There’s an addled woman who doesn’t need anything I have. And finally… there’s the door forward.

The Tourney of Planes has begun.


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First published July 17, 2019. Last updated December 15, 2020.