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Replay: Sword of the Samurai

We’re at the end of my replay of Sword of the Samurai. I’ve come a long way, and made enough friends that the Tourney of the Planes wasn’t too tough, and the demonic guardian of the fortress went down with nary a fight. And now the Lord of Shadows and my master’s sword, are in the next room.

The next room is right out of a Fighting Fantasy tropes/cliche. Oh right, it is in fact a Fighting Fantasy cliche.  A dark temple, walls lost in shadow, a throne of black stone upon which sits a cowled figure. It’s so goth I can hardly stand it

I see the sword at the base of the throne, and I waste no time. “Harmony!” I shout, and it flies into my hand like Luke Skywalker’s light saber back on Hoth. With an angelic “aaaaaah!” I’m bathed in magic light, healing energy, and so forth…

And when the greater shadow demon rises up from the pit, we just have a cut scene where the Singing Death slashed the semicorporeal form in twain, banishing it to the foul nether regions from whence it came.

But Ikiru is still here, and misty shapes begin forming around me. I’m offered a chance to do something super awesome and heroic: I throw the sword at Ikiru like a spear.


The sword makes a lot of light and noise, but misses! “You fool” he hisses, and he tries to put some mind control on me. Not only do I not have the sword, but he curses me and I lose luck, skill, and stamina right before a big fight… and he has a skill of 12! And there’s something that says I have to Test My Luck every time he hits me…

and my luck runs out. Despite everything, I fall in combat to this foul creature. My adventure ends here, but my soul is imprisoned and enslaved in the Pit of Souls forever.


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First published July 19, 2019. Last updated December 15, 2020.