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Rescued From The Chasm of Doom

In last night’s episode, our party was overwhelmed by a small army of bandits and driven into a mine. My companions were wiped out by some vicious attack cats, and I eventually found my way out of the mine and to the surface.

The city of Ruanon is destroyed. Some soldiers are defending the last tower, and I make a desperate run to the tower with bandits and hounds behind me. I’m saved by Captain D’Val, leader of the previous search party that we were trying to find. However, I was rescued with only 4 endurance left, so this may be a very short reprieve.

I meet the baron, whose mind has snapped in the awfulness of the last month of siege. Unfortunately, the story he tells is entirely believable: he tells me that the bandits are being led by a warlord, who intends to sacrifice the baron’s daughter to call up an army of undead soldiers. Yeah, this just got REALLY ugly.

There’s another attack on the tower, however this time it’s not bandits but soldiers. I only had 4 endurance points, and I’m killed a couple of pages later in the first fight.

Tough book so far. Multiple bandit ambushes whittled us down, but some bad luck when fighting the wildcats really cut me down. I went through 3 laumspur potions but just couldn’t recuperate quickly enough. I may need to pick up the healing skill next time; it’s so overpowered it feels like cheating, though. Hmmm…

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First published September 28, 2017. Last updated December 15, 2020.