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Rescuing Kate, first attempt

Last week I was quite surprised to successfully complete Highway Holocaust, book 1 of the Freeway Warrior series. However, Big Spring is not the safe haven and new life we had hoped for, because we brought a particularly vicious gang, the Detroit Lions, with us. Now Big Spring is under siege, while the Detroit Lions form a merger with two more gangs, to form a big biker super-gang thing. So time it’s for the whole Big Spring / Dallas join venture to skedaddle. Cal Phoenix (that’s me) has other plans, though: to rescue Kate, his romantic interest (who’s also a good shot with a rifle, and knows bombs, so that’s pretty cool).

Let’s play Slaughter Mountain Run – Freeway Warrior book 2.

Having finished a book already gives me four extra skill points which is really quite a lot.

Driving 5. Shooting 6. Fieldcraft 3. Stealth 5. Perception 6.

Endurance 25. Combat 18.

I double-check my loot from the prior book, and refill my water, medkits, and ammunition.

Part 1: Breaking Siege

The story opens with the convoy preparing to leave Big Spring in the middle of the night. I, Cal Phoenix, intend to abandon the convoy as soon as we’re clear of the city, so I can continue my hunt for Kate. The convoy break-out goes as well as planned, and I take my leave of the rest of the convoy.

My first stop is a single-pump gas station and a hardware store by the side of the road. I find some nice loot in the hardware store, but inhale some dust (2 endurance) and get thirsty (drink!). A little bit later, I run into a brief spot of engine trouble but it clears itself up; probably just a bit of crud in the gasoline. So far, so good. I spot a campfire burning at a bridge, so I take the discreet path and decide to park and just wait for the campers to leave. (drink!) An hour later, I come to the outskirts of Sterling City.

But I have a bad feeling about this place, and decide to skirt the town. I go around to the east and find an abandoned house and a broken-down truck, but keep on moving. I bypass Sterling City and make my way to Broome. (drink!) In Broome I get my first real scare: a large gang of 50 bikers flying Detroit Lions colors. I hide from them in a used car lot, but am in such a hurry that I crash my car and sustain some mild injuries. Fortunately the car isn’t significantly damaged and I can keep moving. On my way out of town, I realize that I didn’t pack any food and I lose 3 endurance.

My food-and-drink situation is becoming troublesome: I’ve taken 3 drinks of the 4 in my canteen, and didn’t bring any food. Fortunately I have a handful of Stay Awake Pills in my medkits, so I can keep moving while also staying slim and trim!

Another page of uneventful driving, brings me to San Angelo, where the Detroit Lions are meeting with the Angelinos to negotiate their whole Axis Of Evil merger thing. This is where I’ll find Kate… among about 500 bandits. But it’s late and I’m tired, so I hole up in a parking structure for a hungry night’s sleep.

Part 2: San Angelo

The downtown is surrounded by a wall, topped with barbed wire and armed guards. I figure my best way through, is to break in through an office building. I do so, and I prowl around the abandoned corridors for a while until I find a mysterious door with no handle and no lock. I decide to batter down the door.

Turns out, it’s an elevator shaft. Aaaggghhh…


My adventure ends here.


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First published April 27, 2020. Last updated December 15, 2020.