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Restored and Moving Forward

February 2019 — I’ve decided to change hosting, so I no longer need to limit my database usage, meaning I no longer need to limit my word count.

I’ve reinstated the playthrough blogs section, which I rather enjoyed as reminder of where I have been. Most of that blog-style content was lost because I simply deleted it back when I ran out of space. Fortunately The Wayback Machine had about half of my blog content, so that’s something better than having lost all of it.

Such memories.

  • That damn Snow Witch and her Caverns.
  • My fifteen-day power-through to do the first five Lone Wolf books.
  • That one sci-fi Gamebook Adventure which I did on a camping trip.

Here’s looking forward to many more memories.


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First published February 23, 2019. Last updated December 15, 2020.